10 Good Reasons To Run Your Own Business

10 Good Reasons To Run Your Own Business.
There are over 600,000 new business founded each year, and according to Inc.com there are plenty of good reasons.  Inc.com conducted a survey asking 500 small business owners why they enjoy running their own business over working for someone else (462 actually responded to the survey)  We have gone through their answers and are happy to provide you with a small run down of the Top 10 reasons to run your own business and also included a few of our own

You Work Around Your Lifestyle.
A major benefit of owning your own business is that you can work the hours you feel necessary to ensure the business will continue to grow.  You may have the pleasure of working from home, in your pyjamas until 12 noon still knowing you have achieved exactly what the employee in town has done for their employer wearing their suit.  You can set your own priorities and work around your family and still reap the rewards.

Control Your Future.
When you’re driving a car, you are in control.  This also applies to owning your own business. You are the main decision maker regarding the day to day operations to ensure your business thrives.  If something doesn’t work, it’s a learning curve and you try another approach. When you’re in the drivers seat you are making the financial decisions for your business, which can be daunting at the start, but also so very rewarding.

You control who you work with.
No longer will you have to shudder going to work knowing you don’t get along with everyone in the office.  It’s human nature. Owning you own business allows you the control to employ who you feel comfortable with – after all you spend more time with your work colleagues that you do your own family. Surrounding yourself with positive people will only create more positivity and this in turn can only be a benefit for your business.

It’s a risk – but with risk come rewards.
It’s a no brainer that owning your own business has risks.  Everything in life has risks involved, but with risk comes rewards.  And who doesn’t’ like rewards. There are unlimited variables in every aspect of business life.  One minute everything is running smoothly – the next not so much. You will learn how to create strategies for bad situations and learn how to maximise and grow from the good situations. If you really think about it, your business is a daily work in progress – always striving for greatness whilst overcoming obstacles along the way.

Challenge Yourself to Greatness.
The greatest thing about owning your own business is that each day can be filled with new opportunities. Gone are the days of doing the same repetitive thing in your old way of life.  Every day is a learning curve.  New Tax information. New accounting information. You have seen something somewhere and would like to implement it to your business.  Each day is a chance to be creative and learn something new.

Follow Your Dreams – Your Passion – Your Creativity.
Owning a business where you enjoy your creativity, your passion can be often seen as a blessing more than a business.  You spend more hours of your life working – so find something you love and work on it. Whether it be that you love gardening, or the love of craft – ensure the business you purchase is going to explore your love and passion of it. There is nothing more rewarding that getting up for work to something you are that passionate about.  It’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Things Get Done When they are supposed to – on time.
Working for a large company you often find you have to wait around for the approval of three to four different manager before your idea comes to fruition. Being the business owner, you make the decisions immediately – no red tape.  You have the flexibility to be proactive.  Never underestimate the ability to be proactive.

Lifestyle Change.
Are you looking for a slower pace in life? Leaving the hustle and bustle of the city is always good for your health. No longer working the 9-5 grind for someone else, then sitting in traffic for hours each week is never good for anyone. Moving to a smaller community, where everyone knows your name is always good for the soul. Community spirit is always high compared to the city life.

Sense of Pride.
Watching your business grow knowing you were behind it – what a great feeling. Knowing that all the hard work you have put into your business, and watching it grown on a daily basis is something not everyone can achieve – or understand the feeling. A sense of accomplishment. You did it.

Be the example.
You can be the business owner that other business thrive to be. Mentor another business and show them the skills that you have learnt and picked up along the way to help out another fellow business owner.

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